Seminary-educated news journalist reports on how it all started.

Genesis is the story of Creation: the beginning of life, humanity, and civilization.

It’s a book full of weird and wild stories.

  • A talking snake
  • God making Eve from Adam’s rib
  • Fallen angels and human women making baby giants
  • A flood that covers the entire planet
  • A 100-year-old man and his 91-year old wife having a baby

Bible experts don’t always know what to make of these stories. But they’ve got their educated guesses.

Stephen M. Miller, a former newspaper journalist with a seminary degree, reports those theories from a wide range of scholars: tradition-minded as well as progressive.

He does it so objectively that readers can’t see his opinions coming through. “That’s often easy for me to do,” Miller says, “because I’m as confused as the next guy.”

New Genesis paraphrase, Discussion Qs

A Visual Walk Through Genesis contains discussion questions tagged with all 50 chapters in Genesis…a value-added feature for personal and group Bible study.

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I’m a total fan of Stephen Miller. I own several of his Bible reference books because I always find his work intriguing, well-researched, and accessible to just about anyone.

Mike Nappa

Few people have the gift of taking something that seems dusty and dry (like history) and give it energy and interest, like you are reading today's newspaper. Stephen Miller is one of those people, a real gift to those who already love history--and those about to because of Stephen's work.

Mark Galli
Editor-in-chief, Christianity Today magazine

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