Stunning 3D Bible maps

Dramatic 3D maps of Bible sites are the next best thing to strapping yourself to a hang glider, jumping off the Masada mesa, swooping into the Judean Desert, and heading for the hills.

The hang glider might be a tad more fun, but the atlas would take you where you’re going without getting you arrested.

You’ll find 160 of the best and most stunning 3D maps from the new Bible paraphrase, The Casual English Bible®.

One set of maps comes with text: place names and locations. These are the maps we publish with the Casual English Bible® paraphrase at

A matching set of maps comes bareboned and text-free. Just the lay of the land.

Some Bible study teachers and preachers prefer these barebone versions when they show maps to their class or the congregation. They like to write on the projected maps, to point out exactly what they want the students or the audience to see.

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Cover Casual English Bible Atlas, Twin Maps Edition
  • Price  $29.99
  • Pages  122
  • Maps  160
  • Published  October 5, 2021
  • File size  66 MB
  • Language  English
  • Author  Stephen M. Miller
  • Publisher  Stephen M Miller Inc
  • Bible version  Casual English Bible
  • Amazon-only ASIN  B09HW62XHD