Why crucifixion?

Best-selling journalist Stephen M. Miller was curious about crucifixion—the brutal method used to execute Jesus Christ. He dug into eyewitness testimonies from Roman history about the cross, and then he shared his findings in a short YouTube video. It turned into a viral sensation, with over 1.7 million views!

Now for the first time in book form, Miller reveals his fascinating full work, shining a spotlight on the shadowy history of Roman crucifixion. In Eyewitness to Crucifixion you’ll:

  • Gain new understanding from real people who actually witnessed the horror of the cross
  • Discover previously obscured scholarly knowledge, now translated into casual English for everyone
  • Examine the historical context for the Christian faith as seen through first-century eyes
  • See for yourself the unvarnished, un-hyped truth about crucifixion—and make your own decisions about related, current controversies of faith
  • Learn more about the historical Jesus and his mission

“Few people have the gift of taking something that seems dusty and dry (like history) and giving it energy and interest. . . . Stephen Miller is one of those people, a real gift.”

Mark Galli
Editor-in-Chief at Christianity Today magazine

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cover for Eyewitness to Crucifixion
  • Retail price  $16.99
  • ISBN  978-1-64070-001-7
  • Released  February 4, 2020
  • Publisher  Discovery House
  • Language  English