with to-do lists and the daily grind that you miss some of life’s most important moments—the ones you know you’ll regret?

They’re the moments you’ll never get back.


  • the day you sent your first kid off to school (see video)
  • the Saturday your daughter’s goal won the game—or, more importantly, when her miss lost the game
  • the night the family gathered around your dying dad

These important moments, form many folks, revolve around: raising kids, helping them in school, developing friendships, cultivating romance, building healthy family relationships, finding work we love, retiring well, making time to help others, and being there for loved ones who are dying.

With vivid stories—some heartwarming, some funny—Stephen M. Miller will have you reflecting on your own life and re-evaluating your priorities. You can count on it.

Take a peek inside the book.

A refreshing reminder to value the "now."

Evelyn Bence
Author, Comfort from Beyond

With a blend of vivid storytelling, humorous anecdotes, vulnerable sharing, and practical wisdom, Stephen Miller prompted me to reflect on my own life and the many present moments God has given each of us to treasure.

Marshall Shelley
Vice President, Christianity Today International

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How to Live in the Moment
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