with 200 photos, paintings, maps, charts

Rich in information and beautiful full-color images, Incredible Mysteries of the Bible clearly presents answers, along with evidence and arguments, to 50 of the Bible’s most intriguing mysteries.

Where was the Garden of Eden? What happened to the ark of the covenant? What is the unforgivable sin Jesus spoke of?

If you’ve ever wondered about these or other questions while reading the Bible, then this is the book for you. Here is a fascinating look at some of the most perplexing mysteries found in the pages of the Bible. Drawing from the latest research in both archaeology and biblical each article is accompanied by beautiful full-color images and helpful sidebars.

Whether you read the book cover to cover or dip in and out at your leisure, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the world and message of the Bible. So grab your sleuthing hat and dig in! Drawing on insights of Bible experts and archaeologists, Steve explores some of the most intriguing Bible mysteries.

Incredible Mysteries of the Bible is a quest for answers to questions like these:

  • Where was the Garden of Eden?
  • Did people really live hundreds of years?
  • Was there really a worldwide flood?
  • Whatever happened to Noah’s ark?
  • What was the Tower of Babel?
  • Why circumcision as a symbol of God’s promise to Abraham?
  • What happened to Sodom and Gomorrah?
And Many More »
  • Were the plagues of Egypt natural disasters?
  • How large was the Exodus crowd?
  • Did the Red Sea really part?
  • Why did the Jews worship a golden calf?
  • Why did God require blood sacrifices?
  • Why kosher food?
  • Where did the manna and quail come from?


  • Why didn’t God let Moses into the Promised Land?
  • What stopped the Jordan River from flowing?
  • Why did God order all Canaanites slaughtered?
  • Did the walls of Jericho really coming tumblin’ down?
  • Did the sun and moon stop during Joshua’s battle?
  • What happened to the ark of the covenant?
  • Why did a chariot of fire take Elijah to heaven?


  • How could Isaiah accurately describe Jesus—700 years B.C.?
  • Did a big fish really swallow Jonah?
  • Does prayer change God’s mind?
  • What happened to Israel’s ten lost tribes?
  • What was the star of Bethlehem?
  • Was Mary really a virgin when she delivered Jesus?
  • Why are shady women listed in Jesus’ family tree?


  • Why didn’t Jesus want to turn water into wine at Cana?
  • Is the devil a living being, or a symbol of evil?
  • Why does God let bad things happen?
  • How can there be three Gods in one?
  • What is the unforgivable sin?
  • Why did Judas betray Jesus?
  • Why did Jesus have to die?


  • Why did Jesus have to die?
  • Whatever happened to the twelve disciples?
  • Why the bizarre symbols in end-time writings?
  • Why did Paul tell women to keep quiet in church?
  • Is a planet-killing Apocalypse coming?
  • When will Jesus return?
  • Is hell real or a symbol?
  • What is heaven like?

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This is a handsome, well-written book, providing colorful introductions to many of the mysteries of the Bible....Miller has a talent for organizing a large amount of information and communicating it in a clear and interesting fashion that inevitably pulls the reader into a conversation.

Richard Dalfiume
Retired professor of history, University of New York of Binghamton

Stephen doesn't try to persuade us to believe what he believes, but gives altering beliefs among the Bible scholars. For me, this is the only way to write!

Bob Lee
Amazon reviewer

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