Condensed, lavishly illustrated edition of the


Chosen by the Christian Broadcasting Council of England, where the book was first published.

This is the new, condensed edition of The Bible: A History, which traces the remarkable story of how we got the Bible and how the Bible has changed the world.

The One-Stop Guide to the History of the Bible tells the story of how the Bible was written down, how the books of the Bible were selected, how and when the first translations happened, and explores how key moments in both World and Church history affected the Bible. This is an ideal point of reference for all who wish to explore the history of the Bible, especially those who prefer a strong visual approach.

A wonderful history of the development and impact of the Bible.

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Expertly told and lavishly illustrated. . . A remarkable record of the world’s most famous book.

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  • UK Publisher  Lion Hudson (April 2016)
  • ISBN  978-0745970363
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