Introducing the Bible. . .and its answers to the real-life questions you’re asking.

HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE STUDENTS guided the creation of this book.
They wanted to know what the Bible said about a wide range of life topics.

They picked the topics.

That’s why tattoos, body piercing, and living together show up in the first big section of the book: “Where to find it in the Bible.”

They also chose the format for the second section, an introduction to each book of the Bible: “66 books—the short course.”

The writing is fast-paced and conversational, like a chat over pizza, without the heartburn.

Added features:

  • ƒƒ The two best ways to study the Bible
  • ƒƒ The top 50 heroes and jerks of scripture
  • ƒƒ Which Bible is right for you

Nominated: Retailer’s Choice Award for best Bible reference book of the year.

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Complete Guide to the Bible, Student Edition
  • Retail price  $9.99
  • Paperback  256 pages, full color illustrations
  • Publisher  Barbour (June 1, 2013)
  • Language  English
  • ISBN-10  1620298015
  • ISBN-13  978-1620298015
  • Product Dimensions  6 x 8 inches