A word about the book, from Steve:

This isn’t your normal Bible dictionary.

It’s your Bible dictionary on training wheels.

Try not to feel intellectually insulted.

I do occasionally use big words. Intellectually requires two hands to count the syllables.

This is a Bible dictionary especially for Bible newcomers. Lifers can read it, too. I’m okay with that. But as I wrote the entries, I didn’t give one snapping synapse of energy to what life-long Christians might want to read. There are wonderful Bible dictionaries for them, mini encyclopedias packed full of details both interesting and boring.

I didn’t figure Bible newbies needed another one of those.

What I figure they do need is some basic Bible info that’s fast-paced, fun to read, and hard to put down. Info about Bible-time people, places, customs, sharp objects, and anything else in Scripture that raises an eyebrow or drops a jaw.

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The wit and down-to-earth writing style of Stephen M. Miller captured my interest and kept it.

Cindy Navarro

A fast-paced reading experience that combines solid Bible scholarship with a compelling journalistic writing style and lavish illustrations. From Aaron to Zorah, there are almost 1,400 entries on Bible people, places, things, customs, and ideas - all written for optimal clarity and enjoyment.

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Illustrated Bible Dictionary
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  • Paperback  528 pages, full color illustrations
  • Publisher  Barbour (April 2013)
  • Language  English
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  • ISBN-13  978-1602606906
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