Coming September 2014

Have you ever read something in the Bible and said, “Huh? What’s that doing in the Holy Bible?”

You can’t read far in the Bible without being jolted by a story about

  • a gent with more wives than one
  • Paul ordering a runaway slave back to his slave master
  • Ladies getting treated like they’re not quite a grownup

Other stories read almost like comedies—like the one about a dead man springing to life when his corpse touches a prophet’s bones.

How do you face these things honestly?

With a touch of dry humor, Miller identifies bumps in the road, briefly offers popular interpretations, and leaves you with food for thought.

Few people have the gift of taking something that seems dusty and dry (like history) and give it energy and interest, like you are reading today's newspaper. Stephen Miller is one of those people, a real gift to those who already love history--and those about to because of Stephen's work.

Mark Galli
Editor-in-chief, Christianity Today magazine

Meticulously researched, yet great fun to read...Steve Miller's latest book may be his most addictive yet. Full of hundreds of fascinating two and three paragraph facts, biographies and stories from the Bible (I hesitate to call it trivia). My family is already fighting over it!

Steve Grisetti

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