leads you through the Bible in much the same way a tour book takes you through a country—with clear explanations and plenty of color photographs and illustrations.

The first few chapters set the scene by providing background such as “How God gave us the Bible” and “Why it takes faith to believe the Bible.”

Steve then introduces the main people and places in the Bible. Throughout the book there are interesting short features along with plenty of background information that explains the culture and customs of Bible times.

The second part of the book includes a fast-paced overview of each book of the Bible.

Easy to read, User’s Guide to the Bible is a perfect introduction to the complex library of 66 books we call the Bible. New Christians and others curious about Christianity will find it especially helpful.

It’s also a useful reference book for youth leaders.

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User's Guide to the Bible
  • Retail price  $14.95
  • Paperback  128 pages, illustrated
  • Publishers  Hendrickson (July 2007)
  • Language  English
  • ISBN-10  1598561383
  • ISBN-13: 978-1598561388  978-1598561388
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