• “God made Eve from Adam’s rib. Are you ribbing me?”
  • “The Bible says ‘sons of God’ had sex with human women, who gave birth to giants. Doesn’t that sound a little like Greek mythology?”
  • “Why did Jesus seem to paint God as a genie waiting in heaven to grant our every wish?
  • “Who should we believe about grounds for divorce? Moses, Jesus, or Paul? They each gave different advice.”

If these questions sound similar to ones you’ve asked yourself—or been asked by others—then you’re ready for 100 Tough Questions about God and the Bible by Stephen M. Miller. If you’re the kind who never questions God or the Bible, well then you need this book even more.

Stephen Miller is a theologian with a journalist’s training, and this book shows that kind of evenhanded thinking all the way through.

You may not always agree with his conclusions, but he will always give you a clear, concise, understandable discussion of the differing opinions on matters of theology, morality, historicity, reliability, and interpretations of Scriptural conundrums. Miller excels at offering unique perspectives on the Bible, often challenging and encouraging readers at the same time.

Mike Nappa/Beliefnet

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Few people have the gift of taking something that seems dusty and dry (like history) and give it energy and interest, like you are reading today's newspaper. Stephen Miller is one of those people, a real gift to those who already love history--and those about to because of Stephen's work.

Mark Galli
Editor-in-chief, Christianity Today magazine

I like the way he writes. He does not use theological jargon. For example: “When the stubborn Egyptian king finally released the Jews from slavery, Moses got them the dickens out of Dodge.”

Joan P. Nienhuis

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