you’d never want to admit it, even in a “Most Embarrassing Moments” contest?

The good news is . . . you’re not alone. Even the Good Book is full of characters who make you wonder if they spent their childhood head-butting goats.

Big Dummies of the Bible brings to life 13 offbeat biblical tales of downright stupidity, including:

  • Kings and priests who couldn’t keep their pants on
  • The most expensive bowl of soup ever eaten
  • The mean queen who became canine cuisine
  • The fool who picked a fight with a hungry army
  • The warrior who was putty in a pretty woman’s hands

Why read about these goofs, blunders, and slip-ups? Bestselling author Stephen M. Miller says there are at least two reasons to ponder these tales of denseness:

“For one thing,” he says, “it’s reassuring to know there are people dumber than us. And for another, we human beings learn from mistakes—whether it’s our own mistakes or the mistakes of someone else. We experience misery—vicariously or in the flesh—and we’re suddenly wiser.”

Each chapter contains a set of thought-provoking questions, challenging us to apply these biblical lessons to twenty-first-century living. With tongue firmly implanted in cheek at times, Steve makes it clear that we could be guilty—or at risk—of similar stupidity, and the often dreadful consequences.

Big Dummies of the Bible will make you cringe (and laugh) while you learn how not to be a dummy, too. You’ll wise up in a hurry.

This was a great idea for a book. Better than that—it’s a terrific book. Steve draws from Scripture with wit and discernment to help you keep from making the biggest mistakes of your life.

John Ortberg
Pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

Great background information. Fun to read. Written with a big dollop of humor. ...Even a fellow dummy can understand.

Rev. Bill Calvin
Bloomingdale Church

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  • Paperback:   160 pages
  • Publisher:  Thomas Nelson (August 25, 2005)
  • Languages:  English, Spanish
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  • IISBN:  088113869X (Spanish edition)
  • Product Dimensions:   5.5 x 8.5 inches