TAKE A JOURNEY into the everyday life of Jesus and the world he knew.

Through the vivid writing of a seminary-educated journalist who has walked where Jesus walked, you’ll join Jesus on the rolling hillsides, the baked-dirt Judean desert, and the rock streets of Jerusalem.

  • Experience the hard realities of life in a once-proud nation now occupied by foreign troops.
  • Hear angry exchanges between Jewish leaders of clashing movements, jostling for position and power.
  • Meet surprising saints—like a Roman soldier and a Samaritan “half-breed”—as well as sinners in the top ranks of religion, including high priests and Bible experts on the Jewish supreme court.
  • Learn about ancient Jewish customs, from birth to burial.

Be prepared for astonishing insights into the life and teachings of Jesus. You’ll discover new and important meanings you never considered before.

A text-only edition, Understanding Jesus, is now available, $9.99.

The Jesus of the Bible is very accessible to the average person, yet still engaging for someone with a lot of biblical knowledge....[Miller] translates the Bible into English. Everyday English, that is. The kind that non-Christians speak.

Annabelle Robertson

Miller takes the reader on a romp through life in Jesus’ time. . . Every story is beautifully and effectively illustrated by drawings, maps, satellite images, photographs or pieces of artwork. Although it is clear that Miller is writing as a Christian . . . he writes in a non-proselytizing, journalistic tone that makes it quite readable for non-Christians as well. He also doesn’t avoid issues that may make many Christians uncomfortable. Whether you believe the Bible is the word of God or just a fascinating piece of ancient literature, this book will engage you.

Wendy Woudstra

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Jesus of the Bible
  • Retail price  $14.97
  • Paperback  400 pages, full color illustrations
  • Publisher  Barbour (March 2009)
  • Language  English
  • ISBN-10  1602600082
  • ISBN-13  978-1602600089
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